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H&J Landscaping Services Case Study

An example of how we helped one of our clients

A Quick Glance

Some early details
  • H&J Landscaping Services has been a client since January, 2014
  • They had no web presence, so no website, Yelp profile, or Google Places page
  • Went from 0 online leads to over 100 online leads per month
  • Website received over 200 unique visitors per month since January, 2014

The Numbers

Real results matters to us

Data from CallRail (10/12/14). Y-Axis indicates the incoming calls and X-Axis indicates the date in terms of week.



We use CallRail to track incoming calls from online sources and the CallRail graph shows the increasing amount of incoming calls per month since July to September.

  • July = 49
  • August = 82
  • September = 122 incoming calls!



Data from Google Analytics (10/12/14). Y-Axis indicates the number of unique visitors & X-Axis indicates the date in terms of ~3 days.



They also received 14 emails in September through their contact form on their website. They're also receiving over 200 unique visits per month since January!

How We Did It

A brief overview of the steps involved

We started by creating a simple website using SquareSpace. We did keyword research to target local keywords for their service (landscaping in Fremont). We optimize their site for this purpose. This was taken place in the first 3 months (January-March)

The website is now first page on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo for keywords such as: ‘Fremont Landscaping’, ‘Fremont Landscaping Services’ and ‘Fremont Landscaping Companies’. As shown on the picture to the right.

On February, we started to increase H&J Landscaping Services web presence outside of the search engines. We focused on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Houzz,, Pinterest) and local directories (Yelp, Google Places, Bing Places, Yahoo Local). After several months of testing, we concluded that Yelp was the most effective marketing channel and focused our energy to optimize H&J Landscaping Services' profile. We added pictures and made sure the profile is up to date with current information such as the description, office hours, and phone number.

Our approach to increase Yelp reviews for H&J Landscaping was simple, interact with the customers and promote the Yelp page as much as possible. Remember, Yelp terms of service states that you may not directly ask for reviews from your customers. A way around this is to have a constant communication with the client and plug your Yelp page as much as possible. We did this by adding the Yelp URL on e-mail footers, business cards and mention it every time we talk to the client by saying to check H&J Landscaping Services on yelp, but not ask for a review.



Data from (10/12/14). H&J Landscaping Services is listed 3 times; 1 on the local business area on top and 2 on the regular listing.



You can see the effectiveness of our method by checking out H&J Landscaping Services Yelp profile here.

They are ranked #1 for their most targeted keyword ‘Fremont Landscaping’ and many other related keywords. Yelp has become H&J Landscaping Services' best online marketing channel with over 300 yelp profile views each month!



Data from They are first on the list for keyword 'Fremont Landscaping'.

Your Company Can Grow Online Too

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Data from (10/12/14). H&J Landscaping Services is receiving over 300 yelp profile views each month!


Leads & Calls has been rising month to month since they worked with Toosen Marketing. This may be due to their business being seasonal and more people wanting to do landscaping work during the summer seasons. However, we are optimistic about the following months of Fall and leads has not slowed down so far. We will be focusing more on social media platforms geared for home improvement such as and to diversify and increase brand awareness. Our online marketing is a long-term solution to growing their business and we believe it will perform better than traditional marketing channels like print, television, radio, etc.

If you are interested in getting similar results to H&J Landscaping Services or have any questions, please contact us through our contact page or call us at (510) 573-7800.